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Payments at your


Transcend Borders, eliminate long bank hours, costly service fees and lengthy processing times.

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We offer you competitive rates advantage, zero setup costs and onboarding fees

⚡ User Benefits

Get ready for the virtual wallet for seamless electronic payments.

Send money across borders within minutes, anytime anywhere.

We provide you the ability to make payments directly with your local currency to our list of available country options. We also grant businesses the ability to heighten their payment experience using our secure and flexible global transfer channels.

Cost effective payment solution

Leveraging on our competitive rates advantage, zero setup costs and onboarding fees. We enable you have access to cheaper methods of making payments today within the shortest possible time.

Transfer money directly to Bank Accounts

Easily send money from your wallet to bank accounts overseas. You provide the banking instructions and we take it from there.

Bank-level Security

We outshine the competition with our high standards of fraud and risk management. Users can leverage on our advanced and robust security, thoroughly equipped to withstand malicious attacks.

Global 24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 support to all our customers, with in-app Live chat, Customers can lay their complaint directly on the platform. Alternatively, you can make use of our other numerous communication channels.

⚡ How it works

Delivering Innovative Payment Solutions in a Secure and Efficient Manner to Businesses and Individuals



Register in minutes

Provide all required information as requested on the platform and have your virtual wallet setup and ready to go in minutes.



Fund your account

Take advantage of the multiple payment channels for depositing funds directly into your wallet, you have the option of Bank transfer, USSD transfers, Debit cards etc.



Set up a transfer

Once the wallet has been funded, you can immediately take charge of our services by initiating transactions to family and friends directly from the app. You can choose to transfer to another wallet user or straight to any bank account.



Request funds

You can request to receive funds from family and friends, we generate a private and secure link to directly make payments to your wallet. This makes it easy and stress free for the other party making the transaction.


All done

Sit back and let us manage all your transaction needs. With thousands of TitanXchange users, payments have never been so easy.

⚡ Coming soon

Instantly setup virtual or physical Dollar and Naira cards to handle all your payments.

We are implementing our very own virtual cards. Users can request a virtual card on the app or have a titanXchange debit VISA card delivered to their doorstep. All debit cards are automatically linked to your wallet.

Faster & Cheaper

Trusted & Secure

⚡ TitanXchange Business

An all-inclusive payments solution for your businesses.

intant payment, safe and secure

Register as a business to enjoy our many service offerings, working together, we can help you achieve your borderless payment needs. Provide all required information to verify your business and start transacting instantly.

⚡ FAQs

Answers to some of your frequently asked questions

Is it free to download and register?

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The titanXchange application is free to download on the Google playstore and the Apple appstore. Registration is also free.

Do I need my BVN to register?

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To get started on the application, you would need to provide all necessary information including your Name, Email, Date of Birth, Phone, Address, Gender. Sucessful completion of this information grants you Tier 1 Verification level, you can easily upgrade your account on the app to increase your transaction limits.

Can I Hold Multiple Currencies In A titanXchange Wallet?

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The TitanXchange wallet currently only supports the local currency, Naira. However, by funding your wallet, you can make payments to different countries in different currencies by simply selecting the destination you wish to transfer to.

Can I use TitanXchange on my laptop?

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Once your wallet has been adequately funded, you can choose to easily transfer to bank accounts across the world in different currencies we currently provide services for. Just provide the banking information and your transfer is processed in minutes.

What country is titanXchange available in

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We are currently support local currencies for users in Nigeria and Canada. We would be updating the list of available countries in the near future.

How do I fund my wallet?

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We provide multiple options to deposit funds into your bank account, there are multiple channels of payments provided, including: Debit ATM cards, Bank Transfer, USSD code transfer etc.

Can i withdraw my money or send to my Bank account

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You can choose to withdraw your funds at any time on the app by depositing in your local bank account. You can also choose to make transfer to foreign bank accounts.

What are the transaction costs?

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Wallet to wallet transactions on TitanXchange are absolutley free, however we charge a small token for withdrawals to bank account and transfers to foreign bank accounts you provide.